Working on a backrooms game

if anyone would like to help me make a game
that is backrooms themed just say so…
I am in need of some developers because I’m honestly very lazy and don’t feel like doing anything.
I also have very little time anymore and
once I’m in high school soon I’m going to be like never online because
ill have lots of work to do…
and I have to do well because it’s a very good private school
if I don’t my parents would get mad cuz they pay 11000 a year for it
;-; current devs are “rag-dev” “alfaPHENEX59/me” “A-profile”

y u space out my name like that lol

I could just moderate & update ur game while ur out lol

and why yo parents just got bread like that just layin around like holly finger noodle

they rich and have high pay jobs so they don’t mind to mutch…

k but still would be nice to have more people working on the project than 3
makes the whole thing go mutch faster and it will help in the long term

ik ppl u can invite Zeide98, yaidiot, Demogam(maybe, we just good friends),
Chhess(maybe, because I’m one of his staff), kyle69(maybe, he’s into helping ppl) & FootSoldier

I knew thats their hospital lol because it’s named after ur last name + it has ur moms name in it and it’s in new york see… that dude has to be ur father he looks exactly like you… like litterally he looks like an older version of u

cool, good luck. coughfilller

he is that is my dad he is john as well but im not John the third
because we have different middle names.

chhess and footSoldier hate me seide98 dosent know me and demogam just won’t

why does Chhes & FootSoldier hate u??? if u want to private message me it do so and Demogam might… I mean I could ask him for u

chess old hate and also I used to anoy him a lot and foot hates that I make clickers…

that doesn’t mean FootSoldier hates u lol, FootSoldier checks out all ur games that aren’t clickers he’s even inside of The Backrooms a lot. With Chhes u just need to be a chill dude, a troll who doesn’t always troll their friends and a good programmer. Chhes see’s potential in me that’s why we buds so just be chill dude

yeah well didnt ask + dont care + ratio

First, nobody cares that nobody asked. The act of somebody asking is irrelevant. Second, RagDev typed that to help you. If you don’t care, than you are not heeding his advice. Last, there is no way for a ratio, because there is nobody ‘ratioing’ RagDev.


lol u should care dis yo career we talkin about

lol bru alfa was just joking lol me and him joke with eachother like that all the time dont take it serious

Have you ever seen the way I type? Using proper punctuation is the way I type so-
Anyways, it took me 1 minute to type that, so I wasn’t going out of my way for you.
I know that’s a joke, but I need to practice my counter-roasts.
You didn’t read my paragraph, did you?

… the above?? idk what u mean…