What to add in game logo and cover image

I’ve created a few logos and cover images and I’m happy with the way they turn out generally. What do other people think is important to create an eye-catching logo and cover?

a logo with a style

  1. The cover must represent the game very well.
  2. The colors on the cover must have a good contrast.
  3. There must be some text. That way more players will bring their eye’ sharpness on your cover and look on your game instead of looking on other.
  4. The player must know the game in less than 10 seconds.
  5. Don’t put too many text. That way your game will look more complicated.
  6. When you are making an update, take all the space or as smallest amount of space as possible.
    This is a way to make a perfect cover to in 99% cases if players will look at your cover, they will play your game.

You need to make a cover that calls as much attention as possible like a cool moment in the game.