What If I made A huge adevture game Would you help?

If we do Our goal is to get 650,000 unique plays that means this game if we make needs to be updated with events like every 2 weeks or so, be creative

ok why not this could be fun i got the tileset for 3 adventure games made by urs truly so if u need contact me

Can I help ? :+1: (reply to me if you want me to help)

mommmmmm has left modd.io studio, this was one year ago, no-one will reply.

:frowning: (filler text

mommmm left cuz they litterally became one of the most hated ppl on moddio

really, i’ve never seen him before

just like me (:
internal suffering

cough* clicker game maker

not saying its bad its just… lazy

cough did not ask + says the kid who cant make a game or draw a square.

This is AdamSkyTSon, not AngelSlayer. Please direct your insults at the right person. Thank you for understanding, and have a great day.

Uh why did you say I can’t draw a square? I don’t get it. Also I can make a game.(unlike you(clicker games don’t count)

Since both our usernames start with “A”, he probably assumed at first glance you were me, and since we (me and alfaPHENEX) had a friendly argument…

Thats… weird. Our pfps are very different and the only similar thing about our name is that we both have a capital A/S

I feel like you are kinda the peacekeeper around here.

no I just hate any one who disagrees with me so @AdamSkyTSon is my enemy now

cap i disagree wit u all the time u menacing scemer lmao

Bruh you “menacing scemer” :skull:

You sure you’re just a ordinary teenager, or are you really a politician?