What Exactily my game need to won star?

The copy (test) of zuvival.io get it with less than 300 unique plays and my game chicken fight have more than 880

I have no idea what m0dE wants…
Maybe a sight touch of braains and a handful copyright infringements.

Really xd:sleepy::sleepy:

If your game is original & popular (or un-original but really popular), then you’ll probably end up getting the star. When I noticed your zurvival.io it was getting quite a few concurrent players at the time, so I gave it a star. If that doesn’t continue, then I’ll probably remove the star.

I really recommend you to delete copyrighted sprites because your game could get down by the creator

Thanks for your patience reading this message :stuck_out_tongue:

My game have olyne karma farm chicken copyed (this are alloned for all)

You can get level 3 in your game by donate or if the game will be popular