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Are advertisments alowed?

And there is really not high trafic here?

idk probably no because it will be seen as spam

Yea i just wondered, because there are some users that think you can advertise.

Btw why are there so few comments?

because people prefer discord it’s faster and this link is hard to find

I know this is the wrong place, but either put the game back in time so the tutorials are accurate, or update the tutorials.

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Thanks!But im not new,in modd,and this i have days in there

XD XD advertisements r sometimes allowed but only sometimes

yes,just littles times…

littles times…

how to sign up in modd io not modd io forum

u gotta have a email or facebook account and click continue with google or continue with facebook and then you click the account you wish to use and then it will log you in automatically

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