Shkript Help on some script ;-;

soooo how can i make if a player select a dialogue option their screen will be black for 3 second(not kicking lol)

well if you want to make the screen black you can make a unit that is totally black and create it on the position of the unit and make it cover the map and then have a timer to destroy it but make it hidden to everyone than you.

Instead of creating a cover unit every time you want to show someone a black screen, you could just have a cover unit that exists the whole time and covers the whole map. You can make it hidden to everyone by default and show it to someone when you want to show them a black screen.

yeah but it makes it better if you save on the total units in-game and save people some small lag.

Creating and destroying units every time is intensive on the server and players too. Plus, there would be multiple additional units when multiple players are being shown the black screen, that doesn’t “save on the total units in-game”.

but when no one is being shown the unit it works better.
and You could run it on the client-side I think to reduce lag.