Save/Load player data without the player (or save/load non-player data)

I need idea how to save player data and load it without this player.

For example I want to check player money without this player online.

Have you any ideas?

There might be a workaround for your needs. What do you need to do with the player exactly?

I thought about making clans. But I need any posibility to load clan data without clan leader online.
This is one idea.

Checking player money is second (global leaderboards).
Unmuting offline player should be good too.
Making more progression variables sounds great.

There are many things that would be cool.

The solution for you would be:

To first one, make a money per second attribute to the unit and save it. Then do the job.
Second one, use just last played time of player. Use it as last played time - current time (Modd will return current time as time from 1/1/1970 00:00 UTC in millis, so divide the result by 1000).

I mean that checking offline player money IS second idea. xD

For second - thanks. I haven’t known about last played time and current time methods.