Replit is not working some one help me!

replit is saying that it can’t connect and it’s making me mad and now I need help fixing it any one got anything that could help me pls!!!

invite me to the project i can prolly help u

nope it’s working now idk why my page was not loading…

what u makin??? a game,website,program,cpu???

just doing random shit

lol well if u learn something let me kno lol and also did u get my follow on scratch???

no I don’t even use sratch that mutch

bro I need to change my username for replit what should I change it to and make it a legit suggestion not dog shit

APDevelopment(AlfaPhenexDevelopment) or AlfaReplit59 or smthn idk

you want to zoom call my boi???

start the meeting homes

if you wonder why I dissconect it’s because my internet turns off at 9pm
it’s on from 7am to 10am then from 2:30pm to 6:30pm then from 7:30pm to 9pm

ik lol but thats a very odd internet schedule

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New Piskel - 2022-06-01T170251.417 (4)