My plan for this yr

After I complete creating Drug Life I will give @alfaPHENEX591 contributor so he can take the JSON from it and I will leave moddio forever… I will pop in to see new creations and I will help people script but just know I’m not a moddio developer after Drug Life is complete. @alfaPHENEX591 when it’s done enjoy it!

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I will become a full time highschool student and text programmer who sometimes uses scratch. I will be working on business, programming, physics, math & rendering. If you have any questions… I’ll prolly be at the gym at the time so private message me your question if not then have a nice life!!! I gtg it’s 1AM for me rn and I don’t want my dad mad rn cuz I’m stressin’… no I won’t stop being a internet troll even grinding can’t stop my grind lol.

and @alfaPHENEX591 don’t change too much in the game!!! it’s a memorial!!! you sussy baka

So alfaPHENEX is better than me? Lol.
Rest in Peace RagDev
Nobody will miss you.

even though I don’t seem like it I’m probably one of the best coders but not as good as rag dev and kyle69

Another great coder departing from the game… good luck.

ik no one will miss me and also… im telling alfa to take care of it cuz m0dE likes him and also idk that much meanwhile i’ve known alfa for at least a yr(I think) so it’s not cuz he’s better it’s just cuz ik him more then u

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Hi @RagDev When will you return?

prolly not but ill be on moddio every few months seein whats new

seein whats new

Sorry, you won’t see much of new stuff for a while.

imma actually leave moddio early… it is obvious that most of yall suckas don’t even like me and my very existence is annoying some of yall… so imma leave moddio after next week… maybe, my moddio presence isnt even known much… with the new update it’s actually harder to see newer games to play so since it’s like that imma leave on friday if u wanna stay in contact with me scratch and scratch only BUT that’s only if u werent annoyed by my presence and ik who the ppl are so if ur on my page… i might report u :slight_smile: so imma be offline in a few days prolly without even checking in every once in a while not even on scratch cuz ill be using Unity, VSCode, VS Community, Godot, Haxe u kno the good stuff so cya in august… i guess and DONT MESSAGE THIS ACCOUNT AFTER NEXT WEEK I WONT SEE THEM!!! but like i said imma be a full time high school student and will barely be programming during school days… Bye!!! :slight_smile: ;-;

@alfaPHENEX591 update Drug Life as much as u can and ask m0dE to transfer ownership to u

Will you be leaving the forums?
Anyways, I don’t think your existence is annoying.

bye dude also u have scratch? (i also don’t think you are annoying, can’t say the same for other ppl)

i might stay on forums to help new ppl

OriginalRagDev leave a follow :wink:

??? what do you mean “original ragdev”!?

OriginalRagDev is my scratch username lol

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