My Dad took my pc ;-;

Ik what you are thinking was it a laptop…
NO!!! he took the whole PC from the wall…

Personal Computers are in walls?

yes it’s attacked to the wall by some velcro …

if you wanted to know this is what my “pc” looks like…

Wtf the wall is attacking it???

rip u on a phone rn?

R.I.P Salute Salute lol

no im on my chrome book…
the school one.

is that a Apple TV???.. nvm it says TV next to the apple logo on a apple tv

can u show me how u made that flashlight in moddio??? cuz the hide unit stuff don’t be workin for me and I wanna see how u got urs to work

Flash light wtf are you talking about… ;-;

you mean the thing I used for “the backrooms”???

yes that game that i have to put 20 chars for

I used one just one of the sprites you made they where almost all bad.

oooof feels bad man :confused: