June Modd.io Game Jam

How many of you guys will be joining the June game jam? Just wondering what your thoughts on it are.

idk i might… whats it about???

It’s basically a thing where a theme is released, and everyone that joins must make a game within the time limit to get a chance at the prize, which is rewarded to the person with the best game in the judge’s opinion.

ik what a game jam is but im wondering what the theme is… is it even released??

if ur gonna join let me teach u how to make a grapple hook in JS

nvm i checked discord but shiiiiid I’ll do it… even tho no one likes my content I think they might at least see how much work I put into it and also @kyle69 Epic Games is giving away a free Discord Nitro u should use that opportunity

The theme gets released when the jam starts, which is about 4 days from now.

yeah ik thats why i said nvm but bruh how do I use a class from a NPM package???

Uh, you require() it…? Anyways this isn’t related to the topic.

ik but my class’s won’t work with the RunKit thing and it keeps saying “Entity not identified” which is why I was wondering… is there something wrong with RunKit or am I doing something wrong because I have this script

require rag3d = ('rag3d');
const testent = new Entity();
testent.x = 100;

this script keeps saying “Entity is undefined” and I litterally made a class for this I even sent u the example

It’s supposed to be const rag3d = require('rag3d'), not require rag3d = ('rag3d').

sry i forgot thats what runkit automatically puts there i just forgot since I didnt copy and paste it i just went off the top of my head

I might join bt idk Im not good at making games by myself and I barely have time as it is…

Teamwork is permitted, and plus you have a whole month to finish it. Are you sure you won’t have time over the summer vacation?

I could help u but I’ll be slow helping u with urs since I have my owns… u have a itch.io account right???

yes I have an itch.io account

noice whats ur userrname???