If i set this to none does it mean the max is infinite? its on unit not player type

i mean if i set the max to none not 0 or anything does it mean its infinite?

it means it will be infi storage meaning it can go to any number no matter how big but it will break after a while

No it will become NaN, which gets treated as 0.

oh I thought they meant the max value

Yes, this. If you set it to blank then it will be NaN

However you can make the max infinite by pasting the word Infinity (with capital i) into the input.

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so if i put Infinity the max will be infinite?

yes it works if you put Infinity in it will be infinite but this will only work for attributes not variables…

There is no max/min value for variables…?

you can make with an every frame trigger and an if else statement

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Filo is a name on shield hero anime :>

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