I Kept Myself Out Of Trouble By The Treacherous Hands Of Remix

all his usernames on moddio lol. Today he threw pepper,salt & water at me then he decided “Im gonna grab the hotsauce he bought and dump it onto the ground.” he did so and then he attacked me. knoing how ez I get angry i fckin wanted to fcking ko that mf. Woulda put my boxing training to usage.But I kept my ground and just tried to tell my parents… yall all kno im not a snitch so u kno I never tell on him this is only the 5th time I’ve ever attempted to snitch on him even tho I have to deal with his bs almost every day. But I kno that if I put my hands on that boi imma be in more trouble. So I’m gonna send the video I took of the mess to my mom and dad but he rly tried to make it seem like I hurt him after I kept him from cleaning up the evidence and tried to get to tell my mom I did something before I could tell her he did something and this all happened cuz I beat him up in a game called stolk io

I hope yall have a beautiful day today and dont have to deal with what I have to deal with bru cuz I’ve wanted to commit lego leg for all the 11yrs hes been born and he is the bane of my existence so have a wonderful day!!!

beware of all those usernames cuz he will try to get u in trouble…

bro no one can get me in trouble all I have to say is “no”
and they just stop.
I can be very menacing if I have to, especially to little kids
I will not hesitate to Jump kick them.
Be like me

… if u were around my lil bro it wouldn’t work I am more menacing then u he just doesn’t care about what humans say he does whatever he wants which is why he gets bullied in school and he wont listen when I tell him thats why which is why im tired of him… I put rat poison & oil in his pizza and drink before and it did nothing which has me disappointed and also all u have to do is bribe that kid with food and he will listen… for 2 hours and then he will start up again then when you say “Oh so your not getting the food now!” he tries to blackmail you with “if you dont give me the food I will start crying and tell my mom you hurt me” and you kno my parents are body builders from the hood… so nah I cant do anything… simply ur life is more hmmm ez then mines it seems like you get mostly wat u want… lucky child lol

he’s a professional fake cryer I swear bru like that pisses me off how good he is at fake crying

bro my dad is the worst he only listens to my sister it’s so annoying and she is so lazy

“it’s so annoying and she is so lazy”
Bro, you just summed up my personality.

made a logo did not use it ;-;