How to make when a player pick like 1 2 3 4 inventory it gonna change color selection?

how do i do it some help

be more specific so I can help…

What do you mean by the color selection? Do you mean the white border around the selected item slot? Or do you mean the background color of the selected item slot, which you can change with change item's inventory slot color action?

wai wha there is a action like this :< imma see it


EYOOOOO i didnt found out about this script XD

also kyle how can i make a button on the side of the game view that if i click it it will open a shop

like a
blue button in the side of player attributes that if i click it will open a shop

YES sir i how i change the color sir?

how to make it when player use any item the inventory slot color change?

wait i think i know it

nvm how do i do it the slot color won’t change

Well, what’s your script?

Like this?

If you want it to be specific
you can do
Every second
for all units in the game
for all items owned by selected unit from the loop
change items inventory color to “items inventory color”

I’m not sure if that’s currently possible, without getting into some CSS/HTML.

It is possible using a similar system to my view distance script but with some added clicking stuff it would be hard though…
Like 20/10 hard