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anoda one ;_; here there is a 4 region called BluePlayer(region) RedPlayer(region) and BluePlayerTP(Region) RedPlayerTP(region) and if a player(only one player)is standing on the blueplayer(region) and there is a player(only one player) standing on the RedPlayer(region) too the player that is standing on blueplayer(region will be tp into BluePlayerTP(region) and the player that is standing on Redplayer(region) will be teleported in RedplayerTP(region) and there will be a countdown on the top that will be starting in 300 second to 0 second and if the match started and if someone is on the blueplayer(region) or redplayer(region) they will not be teleported because the match already started and the 2 player that is on the match. if the other player(on the match) leave.the other player that didn’t leave will be teleported into the spawn and.if the player killed the other player the round 1 to round 5 (if the other player killed the other player 1 round will begin) (also there is the max of rounds is just 5) and if the Redplayer or blue player wons 3 times the blue player or red player will be teleported in the spawn and get rewarded so how can i do that

That is the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen, my English teacher would be in tears. If I understand you correctly, you want to teleport two players into the RedPlayer and BluePlayer regions when they are standing on the RedPlayerTP and BluePlayerTP regions?

ye and if they got teleported the match will start and have a countdown (just to the players that got teleported) and if someone go to BluePlayerTP or RedPlayerTP while the match is starting they can’t go there.while there is some player in the arena(where the match will start).

But i don’t think ur English Teacher gonna cry about it lol.

Then make a global number variable to time the match, and set it to 300 when teleporting the players. Then, only allow players that enter the PlayerTP regions to be teleported if the timer is up:

Also have a script to decrease the timer every second:

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