How to make A Rebirth Thingy

So ye Im just gonna ask how to make if u eat the rebirth item it will 2x the chosen attributes Bet Alfaphenix and angel slayer will chat here and also Kyle69 Lol

You mean you want the player to get double the amount of points they already have, or something like that?

example if i punch a tree it give me 1 wood now i buyed the rebirth thingy it restart the wood that i collected and now if i punch tree it give me 2 instead of 1

Okay, so like a multiplier. First, you’ll need to add an attribute to the player type that will keep track of how much their multiplier currently is, and set the default value to 1, like this:

Then, in the script that gives you wood when you punch a tree, change Wood of ( owner of ( last attacking unit ) ) + 1 to Wood of ( owner of ( last attacking unit ) ) + Multiplier of ( owner of ( last attacking unit ) ).

This will make it give 1 wood if your multiplier is 1 (as it is by default), 2 wood if your multiplier is 2, and so on; pretty simple. You can switch to calculate function if you want it to actually multiply the resources given by a number other than 1.

And set the rebirth item to increase your Multiplier player attribute in the Bonus tab.

tysm appreciatted <3

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