How to make a party system

so how to make a party system like if u chat /p create in chat it will create a team and it will said smth rules like /p kick (player name) u can kick somebody in ur party(but if its really on ur party) if u said /p kick (player name) and if u said /p disband it will disband the party and /p invite (player name) it will send the player u invited a message and if they said /p accept they will be on the party automatically and if u kill a monster u will share the amount of exp gold or whatever attribute so how do i do it.(also the max of player is 3 so the sharing if the leader get 1 gold they will get nothing and if the leader got 3 gold they will share and get 1 each so how do i do it Max Player of the party is 3)

ok, I made a game that was exactly this but…
Unfortunately I don’t think I have it anymore so I don’t
think I can help you but if I find it ill help you.

Ok, I can’t help you but…
I have another cool game if you want to play it’s called ULTRA CHAT
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Oh… this’ll be really hard to make.
EDIT: well, it might not be very hard, but it will take a lot of time.

cap when I made it I spend like 10 minutes making it and that was at least a year ago so I can probably make it really fast and mutch better…

10 minutes is a lot compared to the average 20 seconds it takes to making a script.

it’s not published lol

party systems are simple but it depends on what kind of party system you refer to

if u mean a party system where people can just make private chats (Time : 4min - 6min)
if u mean a party system where you can make a private server type thing (Time : 30min - 1hr)
if u mean a party system where people can just make teams (Time : 5min - 15min)
if u mean a party system where if you like own a game property it will send people a message and if they accept the message it tp’s them to the owner (Time : 4min - 10min)
if u litterally mean party like fun,games and more then (Time : 3min * games & more)
all of these I can help you with but the 2nd one will take a minute

You could use an entity variable to keep track of each player’s party, like a player variable of type player to keep track of who the owner of a player’s party is.

You’ll also need to make a similar player variable, to keep track of the party that a player is being invited to:

Finally, make a global variable used for counting the number of players in a party:

Then, make a script like this:

To make the gold sharing, you’ll need to find all the players in the party to give gold to using a loop, whenever a player gets gold and they are the leader of their party.

dayum u just questioned all my answer thx xD

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