How to make a area(region)

make a player variable that sets to selected unit and see how that works

what comparison type :>>>>>>>> i mean data type

unit i think lol cuz im pretty sure thats the only one

then how about on the if (player name of selected player what is that;_;

just singles out the player so it can be sure to not choose all of the players in the region or choose the wrong player

is there any trigger for this?

hey kyle can u include the timer message too becuz im kinda confused on how to do it

P l e a s e h e h e : - >

Oh, the code snippet I provided is just a loop for choosing a random map region. Here’s the code for the timer, which you can just insert the previous code snippet into:

triggers: every second
for all units in (all units in the game)
    if ((bounds of (selected unit)) overlaps with (region to teleport from)) == true
      then do:
        set entity attribute (timer) of (selected unit) as ((entity attribute (timer) of (selected unit)) - 1)
        update overlay text (top) for (owner of (selected unit)) as ( concatenate (You will be teleporting in ) (entity attribute (timer) of (selected unit)) ) for 1000 milliseconds
      else do:
        set entity attribute (timer) of (selected unit) as (10)
    if (entity attribute (timer) of (selected unit)) == 0
      then do:
        [insert previous code snippet]

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