How to create music?

First i was going to soundhelix than i right clicked the sound src and i copied the url
and it worked i always wanted to create a url with music so it will work so i typed like alot of SEARCHES on google. and it keeps giving me random websites i dont want so i gave up. Any websites or ideas to make any music? please tell me. thanks :slight_smile:

in Global Variables>Music,its sad cause of need 3 MB to music work;
And i too need a website with a music of 3 MB,put in music of Global Variables its 100% works

A music good to playing game
Elektronomia - High Sky

Eletronic music
No voice

You can use sound trap to make music. ( MY FAV )

Well, you can just ask someone to make music for you!
I’ve done some songs before, however, they are bad and cringy.

I’ll go link them later

Pick musics and give to Keker to make on your game

give me pursuited cornered ace attorney music

I can’t do that, maybe these will interest you:
[i’m just copying some links, wait.]

Good music=1000 tests of sees music lol

I Use to make music cuz its pretty easy u can also use bandlab

make sure the music file is OGG to

i aint gon lie i dont like soundtrap its pretty bad ;-;

And make sure its less 200kb ;-;

Others good musics

  • Elektronomia

  • Stronger By The Score

I forgot other good music :v

oh yes was Elektronomia High Sky,Stronger by the score,Fight back,and etc,this musics are eletronics or rock :V