How do i make if someone chats it will do something for them?

so when i was in Modd Courtroom i notice something like this. a thing shows up in my face than i typed something in then it turned my name in to the word i said so after a few days i saw something When you chat it will answer the chat and triggers the script that you chat like /setname /gamble those look really cool if i know those scripts id be really proud. Send me a scripts or help.

I know much of scripts,this script is a admin chat command,you can make with boolean comparison and more

Trigger:When Player Sends Chat Message

If:triggering players name == (UR NAME HERE)
Then Do:
If:Last Message sent by Trigger Play == /give me $100m
Then Do:
Set Coins of Triggering Player as (calculate)(Coins of Triggering Player + 100000000)
^Player Attribute
Else Do:
Else Do:
XD its that simple

u gotta use string XD