How do i make a piskle for animations?

i need help with the animations in piskle i made one but… how do i add it?

When you import,u see 2 stuffs,Row and Column,you can separe the parts using this

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it worked I DID IT it finally worked! thank you very much

@KekerJoestar You’re welcome!

also theres another thing u can do with piskel. u can make tilesheets. to add tilesheets to ur game just set the resolution you want and click upload once u upload u will see 2 numbers switch those 2 numbers into the resolution u set (64x64 resolution doesnt need change)

i cant upload it it says cuz its a gif

download it as png if its gif it wont work for moddio

i figured it out it all good now

@alfaPHENEX591 look it’s when we met!!! lol it aint giving the year tho lol cuz Eletr0mega left moddio last yr so it’s not from this yr