How do I get a star (level 3) in my game?

How do I get a star/get 3 tier?! I’ve heard of two methods and tried them, only for nothing to happen. I tried making it a clone, and no one starred it. I was going to try the 50,000 views, but then I realized views don’t matter. How do I get the star on my game?? (Also, here’s a hotdog emoji :hotdog:).

EDIT: Turns out another clone of got over 70 players on it and didn’t get starred. So… what does my game need for a star then? Do I have to donate somewhere or something? Does the game have to have 100 players or higher? What does it need?

@m0dE PmpknWolf’s Apocalypse Town got over 128 players on it at once! And it still didn’t get the star! How do I get it on my game then?

having that happen once isn’t good enough. it needs to be consistently popular, and we’ll consider giving a star.

Ohhhhh okay, so I just have to make it have lots of people on constaintly, and not include any other factor and that get’s it a star?

@m0dE On second thought, I don’t really need to know how to get a star on my game. I quit If DaBraainzz 20k can have less than 800 unique plays and be made by someone who only joined and created the game 4 days ago while any good game doesn’t stay on the site, then I don’t know how quality will be explained. I’m leaving. :angry:.