How can i make a new BackGround for the shop

so right now how can i make a Background for the shop like change it’s background not just color white i want smth like a weapon background for the shop but how do i do that?

Do you want a solid color as the background, or an image?

image p l e a s e e eeee

yes a image so how can i do it

Put this in the name of one of the items in the shop:

<style>#modd-item-shop-modal .modal-content{background-image:url(}</style>

Like so:

And as you can see, in-game the shop has a background (though mine is a bit oversized).

You can change the background image by changing in the style to the URL of the image you want.

why do u pay for moddio coins lol

#modd-item-shop-modal .modal-content{
background-image:url( no-repeat;
background-size: contain;
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Just because he’s been on longer, doesn’t mean he pays for coins.

thats not wait i was saying that for… u ok AS??? cuz i was saying that due to him having 2.6K coins

I’ve been on for about a year. I haven’t sent a single cent on
I have ~1k coins, from the chest.
So if kyle69’s been on a little less than 3 years…

thanks now my shop is gonna be great <3

interesting now i can use it but putting it to the item name kinda anoyying

oh bruh ;_; u u u u u u u u FALLENZ I HET U i mean i dont het u but i het u but i dont het u but i het u idk

Do you have a item that opens your game’s Discord when you buy it? That’s a good place to put it.