How can i change this to circle inventory tireed of square lol

So another HTML(i guess) that i want to include on mah game so here
Screenshot (1512)
this one how can i change it to circle the Inventory how can i like change its style not just being forever a Square.

kinda credit to Thw0k for the inventory slot Lol

Show the style to the player in a custom modal so it doesn’t go away when you close it like a shop does:

Though you will have to add it in Raw JSON View so the script editor doesn’t remove the HTML.

EYO THANKSSSSS since i joined this my question are being answered by you tysm

also can i make it like more big xd

size: (number)px;?

I don’t think there’s a size property in CSS. Try width: 200% instead


Yes that’s correct. But make sure you use the right player function that works for you. In the context of my script, it was triggered by when a player joins game so I used triggering player. You may or may not need to use a different function.

ye i used it like that when a player joins and and i used triggering player too it didn’t worked the inventory slot is still square

If you wanted it to be a circle, do border-radius: 50%. I only talked about the width property in response to @AngelSlayer telling you to use size which isn’t a thing. border-width won’t help you achieve a circular border.

oh ok lol xd ok thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (need 20 characted limit)

also what time u online in forums?(just asking)