Here's the Logo for my most successful game:


if you need help making a better or just want a logo I can help ':<

My game be like:
The execution: 7/10
The enjoyabilty (lol that’s not a word): 6/10
The artwork: 0.0000000001/10
The grammar: 10/10

alr made a better logo lol I have nothing better to do

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spiced up the old one made it better to look at

so you need an artist I see may I be of assistance
New Piskel - 2022-02-19T183125.372

The proportion of the arms/legs to the total body is too small.

shut up I almost never draw humans and I’m just starting to try I’m working on getting better at details I am getting better at drawing anime ;>

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also you cant draw if your life depended on it.

but scripts now that’s where I SHINE!!!

True; I can’t draw a square if my life depended on it, but math and science is where I shine.

Call cap on that very cap. if you so good at science then explain the atomic structure of the
water molecule in 5 words

Two hydrogen and one oxygen. Now explain the number of electrons in plutonium’s outermost shell.

uranium 239 I’m assuming so it must have 239 electrons and depending on the model
must be orbiting in a set orbit or in a random spot within the electron cloud surrounding the atomic nucleus.

oops lol i started talking about uranium :confused:

rip lol I
meant uranium 239 although there is plutonium 239 so am I that wrong :V hmmmmmm

Plutonium is much different than Uranium.

where are you reading this plutonium is the result of added protons and neutrons and electrons the the atomic structure of the uranium atom

Never mind, it’s just different. Anyways, you still haven’t answered the question. How much electrons are in Plutonium’s outermost shell?

what type of plutonium!! and shell you mean cloud or orbit! shell is not how you say specific enough