(FIXED) Bad unit position after moving to region

I’m making new topic because it’s probably different bug than I reported before.

I see that you’ve made some changes with regions (move to region or something with this) because all my destinations (regions) have been changed to Undefined (Red ‘undefined’, but script name doesn’t red. Probably other bug.).

I’ve fixed all undefined to right regions. And it works good it this case: move to random position in (region name).

I have 1 more problem: move to random position in (entity variable).
Unit is teleported to (0,0) instead of moving to region!
And it looks like sensor is everywhere (and activate when unit starts touching item trigger repeatedly).

My game is unplayable now.

Game url: http://www.modd.io/play/azaria-lands

Item sprites in (0,0):

How it should work:

  1. When pickaxe hits unit and unit HP <=0 unit should be moved to Waiting to spawn region.
  2. After cooldown:whenSpawn (counted in every second trigger) unit should be moved to (spawnRegion) of unit (conditional in every second trigger too)

HOW TO FIX THE BUG LOCALLY if some1 has the same problem:
move to (random position in (entity variable)) was changed to move to (entity variable) after modd update.

I’ve fixed the problem but imo u should be more careful with updates or at least give us changelog.

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