Decide wenether a game should be starred or not

I’ve seen plenty of Braains clones that never deserved the front page. I myself created one but removed the zombies, and since I did that, no one came to it. Don’t treat Modd like Fanfiction or Fictionpress where you just have to make what the community wants and bam! It becomes popular. Some amazing games such as Marble Balls (correct me if I’m spelling that wrong) were great games, but now they’re gone and replaced with this garbage. No offense, but if you can 3 tier a Braains spoof with only the speed changed, and also 3 tier a Exorist clone that had only 100 unique views, you might as well copy a game but change the title. You should instead check the game and see if it really deserves it, and if it has been forked, check the game to see if enough was changed. If a line or a single script only was changed, it won’t deserve it, but if several new scripts with unique features are added, it should deserve some attention.

This is heavily needed, as a few minutes before writing this ANOTHER clone of Braains got the undeserved treatment and is now getting popular while my game which I forked from Braains and changed as much as I could (and got multiple headaches over) is rotting at the bottom page for having Werewolves.

So please, fix this!!