Cool new UI Editor for tier 2 games!

EYO that looks great that’s why if i make my friend a contributor it bug out and he cant edit anything lol

that bug is fixed…
and also @kyle69 the IU for what the game or the home page!?

It’s the menu HTML. They moved it from Settings > Menu to the UI tab of sandbox.

ik what the settings look like…
Honestly, you should be able to create more [V] scripts
and run them to create buttons and visual effects for the player in tier 1 and tier 2 will have the menu HTML yk.

i need help with my gamejam submission for some odd reason the generators arent spawning and the player respawn thing aint workin for the restart game thing… everything else is fine

can u tell me what I did wrong??? cuz idk what to do rn my brains crashing… should I set a respawn timer??? sry idk how to screenshot right idk how to not screenshot my second monitor and i 100% get why things are scuffed since the game is 100% by me it’s scuffed for now

i had a compelling idea with the ummm 3D looking map btw am i right???

This has nothing to do with the original post. Can’t you create a new one?

eyo kyle69 play u got tampermonke there :>

Tapermonkey can add other extensions besides hacks…?

What? I don’t have tampermonkey. If you mean the webpage looking a bit different, that’s because of my Dark Reader extension.

bro you have tampermonky I can see it in your pined extensions…

Oh, the second screenshot that I posted is someone else’s.

oh ok but that’s still sus

Lol it’s KL0’s account-