Can't use this item

Why this item doesnt disapear after i use it?

I see [Quest] Quest complete! message so this code works.
I use AdminPerson unit.
And this script is casted by unit.

I have other items that works that way.
I see only one difference: this item was Weapon before. I’ve changed it to Consumable.
When i create new item of this type and try to use i see message, but the item isn’t used and dont disappear.

this item disappear bcz it has remove when empty as true

Problem is that this item DOESNT disappear.

@HTRAP007 has made some fix w/ item sprites. does this error still happen?

Yes, it does. I still have item after using it.

Good update, but I think u should copy quantity and unit from previous version.

I don’t have many files to fix, but maybe some1 has.