Bugg (input modal)

Hey can someone
help. İ make a ban system with custom input. But its doesnt work.if i use it, game shutting down. game link : https://www.modd.io/sandbox/game/WeirdTownWith15000Point/scripts/Tlm2HSZDNT

Same with mute system :confused:

the sandboxe is private

you used this ?
if (( (triggering player) name’s )) ==

maybe you need this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
for all units in all owned unit by selected player
why you are banned is in red ?

i triggering player

the line
if == is wrong because the triggering player is you ?

everyones selected unit name is same ?

whut i dont understand

+action is working, but game shut down if i use this

if everyones is owner of the same named unit that explain the shutting down

no everyone name is different

can you open your game ? maybe i will understand why it’s shutting down

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