2 Questions. About deleting and templates

  1. How do i delete my failure/test games?
  2. Why did you delete the blank template, why not make it one of the maps that’s all black but you have the city map sheet?
  1. to delete game select the “Settings” tab, it will open a popup and at bottom of that popup there’s delete game button.

not getting you in pt. #2.

By 2. i mean, why are there no blank templates anymore?
And also, why do i go through walls when i play my own IO game?
How do i make an ability work by pressing a certain button on the keyboard? And how do i make a debris?

The blank templates aren’t really necessary since you can easily just clear the map using the “clear selected layer” button.
You go through walls either because you placed the walls in the wrong layer, or the unit’s body type does not collide with the layer.
To make an a ability work by pressing a certain button on the keyboard, you have to make an ability first, then you have to add the ability to the keybindings of the unit.